The ones that make it possible

Jordi Touza Bonnin




In neventum we love events because they mean people that encounter, discover and relate within themselves. It seems to us a marvellous way of living, always attentive!

We love internet because it is transparent, fast and flexible.. Because it allow us to be informed, to communicate and share as never before.

Our passion is to help you organise, communicate and share your business events.

In neventum the user is the owner of his space and his content, as we have the firm conviction that the word is yours.

Communicate for free about your company, news, your service or event. Publish for free and share who you are , because no one will talk about yourself as you can do it.

neventum is made of its team and users and start with the letter «n», because we love the «n», because «n» we are all, who we are today and what we will be tomorrow, because «n» is a number that grows and grows, until the infinite and beyond (insert war shout of Buzz Lightyear), because the «n» recalls all the infinite of beta versions developed, and especially because «n» is a number that always includes and never excludes.

Welcome to neventum, a place where you can count on free tools to organise your events, where you can obtain information about the next events in your city, where you can share and grow, this is your home.

Alberto Sanz
CEO neventum